Trade and Grade Blog Hop

I am so excited that I was given the opportunity to be a part of this great blog hop! I just love the idea of getting to see how teachers use the amazing products in their classrooms! 

I got to trade and grade Katie Palmer's See It and Solve it Stories. You can click on the photo to check it out in Katie's store.

Right when I got it, I knew this was a good match for me because I LOVE any lesson that allows me to integrate multiple subject areas. Katie's product uniquely integrates language and math! I also knew this would be a great match for my students because they have been a wee bit lazy about reading carefully during math. They just see number and want to do something with them.

My students were excited as soon as I told them that they were going to get to be detectives! Of course, I reminded them that detectives have to read carefully if they are going to solve the mystery! I gave them each a partner and they immediately got started.

They are having to solve a series of money word problems. In addition to doing math, each page has capitalization and punctuation errors that they need to correct! Love that!

The activity is self checking! After they answer all the math problems, they use the answers to crack a code. So if their answer isn't a choice in the code- they knew they did something wrong and had to go back!

I was super impressed by how hard all of my students were working! They were persevering and working as a team because they really wanted to solve the mystery. I don't believe they would have been willing to work so hard if this was just a worksheet. In the end, most of my detectives were able to crack the code and they were so excited!

After they cracked the code, we went back and reviewed the capitalization and punctuation errors. I was impressed by how carefully they had read! Score! Now if only the standardized tests would have a detective theme to them! Lol!

I give this product a great big A+! 

Would you like to try a sample of Katie's See It and Solve It Stories for FREE? Of course you would! Just click on the picture below.

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Enter to win below and then continue hopping through the Trade and Grade blog posts for additional reviews and product samplers (including a sample of my Game Day Math Task Cards)!

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