Totally Task Card Tuesday- Scoots

I spent a good deal of time cutting laminated task cards today. And I was happy to do so because task cards make my life simpler!

My favorite way to use task cards is with a good ol' fashion scoot!

Here is how I run most my scoots. I give each student a recording sheet. I pass a task card out to each student. They complete their task card and then begin scooting around the room to answer all the questions. When they are done, they return to their desk and read silently until the rest of the class finishes. When everyone is finished, I call the task cards by number. If you have that task card- you must stand up and read the card. Then the students gives their answer and explains why they chose that answer.

You can have students work with partners as they scoot around the room.
You can skip going over the answers at the end and grade their recording sheets as an assessment.
You can put the task cards around the room.
You can give students a certain amount of time at each task card and then when the time is up, they move to the next task card. You do this until the students have rotated through each task card.
You can make it  race.
You can reward students who have the most correct answers at the end of a specified time.

I have made lots of great task card sets for my class! You can find them HERE in my TpT store.