Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: Totally Task Card Tuesday- Trashketball

Totally Task Card Tuesday- Trashketball

Are you ready for another way to use task cards in the classroom? My students start their standardized testing this week, so we have been reviewing for the last two weeks. My students' very favorite way to review is to play Trash-ketball!!! It is the perfect game to review for any subject.

All you need is some tape, a ball, a trashcan and some task cards.

Divide your students into two teams. Take turns giving a task card to each team. If the student answers it correctly, they earn one point for their team. And then they get to take a shot at bonus points! I put two pieces of tape on the floor so students can decide if they want to shoot for a two pointer or a three pointer.

If the student doesn't get their task card correct, then I go to the other team. This keeps all students engaged and thinking about each and every task card.

My students beg for this one! 

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