Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: Book Auction

Book Auction

We had the BEST time at school today! We had our end of year book auction!

We live about 45 minutes from a bookstore and we don't have a free public library. Many of my kids don't have books to read at home. I decided quite some time ago that I really wanted to give each child a new book to get them started on their summer reading. Good books for 24 students can get a bit pricey, so I wrote a Donors Choose project for the books. I was super excited that it was funded in time!

So here is how I ran my auction:
I have a classroom economy where students earn money for turning in homework and having good behavior. Students usually use the money to buy coupons, but during the last quarter they kept their money. Earlier this week I sold them raffle tickets (purchased from Wal-Mart) for their class money.

During the auction, students put their tickets in the buckets of books they hoped to win.

Then, I randomly started drawing tickets. I told the students from the beginning that everyone would get one book. So if they won a book and then their name was drawn again- I let them decide if they wanted to keep the first book or trade it for the second book.

The kids were so excited. Lots of clapping and drum rolls on their desk!

We eventually got down to just two kids without a book. I let them come up and pick any book that was left. In the end, every student agreed that they had a book they were excited to read.

I sent my kids off to play some games and put an inscription in each book! It was a fun day and I love that every student has a personal note from me and a special book to read over the break!