Diggin' Into Next Year- Classroom Organization

Can you believe that Friday was my last day with students and yet I am already thinking about NEXT year?! People who know me well, are not surprised. I am a plan ahead kind of person. So sometime around March, I started reflecting on my year and coming up with plans and changes to implement the next year. So when I heard about this link party hosted by Laura Graham from Where the Magic Happens, I knew I HAD to get involved! All summer, we will be digging' into next year and talking about changes we will be making. Check out our schedule of fabulous topics:

This week, I am digging' into my very favorite topic!!! Classroom organization!!! I am obsessed with container, binders and labels! Every year my obsession grows.

I have most of my teaching resources organized in binders. I have binders for each ELA and math domain, binders for each month, plus a few extras. They make it a breeze find all my great resources! The first shelf is all binders and the second shelf is all book boxes with resources such as teacher books. I need a few more labels!

I have also gone through my classroom and put all of my office supplies into clear boxes with labels. By doing so, I will be able to get rid of my teacher desk next year. And I am going to need the extra space!

I have TONS of math resources! All of my teacher resources are sorted into these drawers. These are the resources that I typically use whole group when I am teaching a particular unit. My students do not need access to these supplies.

The games that I have for students were organized in these baskets from the Dollar Tree and labeled by skill. I keep these on a shelf that is easy for them to access. There are many times when I will say, "When you complete this task, you may choose a partner and play a game from the fraction basket."

While at the Dollar Tree, you also need to pick up these containers! They are perfect for base 10 blocks! I have six containers and use them in math small groups. I keep them on a shelf low enough for students to access when they are doing independent work.

I also organize my math manipulatives in clear plastic shoe boxes with labels. You can see that they are easy for students to locate.

I have posted this before, but I am super excited about my task card organization. The cards are organized into plastic CD boxes. Each set is held together and labeled with a binder clip.

I recently found out that I will be sharing a classroom next year. I am going to have to get even more organized (and make more labels). Stay tuned for all the changes!

Are you ready to organize all of your resources into binders? Check out my new editable binder covers and spines.

Do you have any fun tips for classroom organization?