Taking a Trip Around the U.S.!

I had the super fun opportunity to use a product in my classroom from a blogger that I admire. I jumped at the opportunity to use a product by Anna DeGilio from Simply Skilled in Second! I have used her flip books before with my class and I just love the way her products are interactive and outside the box. I was SUPER excited when I received Anna's Traveling Tourist unit! You probably know by now that I am passionate about teaching Social Studies in my classroom. Plus, it makes for a fun end of year activity!

The unit comes with nine different informational passages and foldables about different landmarks and symbols. I printed 8 of the passages and put them in file folders. Anna also included a welcome page with a map for each location. I glued those on the front of the folder.

I started off by telling my students that we were going on a trip. They got very excited. We decided that we better pack our bags first. So we made the suitcase together. As they made the suitcases they were all talking about where they thought we were going. One boy said "We are probably just going to the bathroom." LOL!

Next, I divided my class into six groups. I laid the folders all around the room and let groups start anywhere they wanted. When they got to the location they were told to read the passage together, discuss it and then they cut out the foldable and record three facts on it.

As they finished making each foldable, they would glue it into their suitcase.

It took my kiddos three days worth of reading time to complete the project. But I cannot begin to tell you just how engaged all of my students were! They LOVED  it. When I said "Tourists, it is time for us to continue our travels," they would cheer! My students were reading informational text, writing informational sentences, and having group discussions about social studies. This is a pretty exceptional feet for the second to last week of school.

I give this product two thumbs up and highly recommend it! Thanks, Anna! Just click HERE to check it out in Anna's store. And while you are there, check out her flip flap books! They are fun!

Be sure to enjoy the rest of the blog hop! I just love seeing products in action!