Totally Task Card Tuesday: Corporative Learning

Today's task card idea is one that I got from the talented, Laura Candler. She calls the activity a Showdown. I have shared several ways that I use task cards in competitive ways, but this strategy does not involve competition. Instead, it is about cooperative learning. Everyone is a winner!

All you need are white boards and a set of task cards. Divide your class into small groups. I made my groups heterogeneous. 

Each group is given a set of task cards. The groups turns over the first task card and each person in the group works to solve it on their white board.

When a student has completed the problem, they will turn their board upside-down. When everyone is finished, the group calls out "Showdown." Each person shows their board.

If every person in the group got the same answer, they can move on. If anyone got a different answer, they will share strategies until they find the error.

I love to hear them explaining their strategies to each other. They sound like mini-mes!!! 

I used this strategy a few times during standardized test pre. I used it again today in small groups. It really helped me to see which students need more help. Plus, it gave my students who understand the opportunity to teach what they know. It was very powerful!

Thanks, Laura!

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