Totally Task Card Tuesday: Organizing Task Cards

I love to organize! My favorite aisle at Wal-Mart is the Sterilite aisle! So when I started making and buying task cards, I was thrilled to head to the container aisle and find the perfect organizational system for my classroom. These bad boys were starting to get out of control!

I measured my task cards and then headed to Wal-Mart. My dear hubby, found the PERFECT box. It is a CD box made by Sterilite.

I bought every one of these boxes that Wal-Mart had. And I kept going back for more, but they never restocked. Luckily, my hubby discovered that Home Depot also sells this box. Score! I bought all that they had too!

I added some labels and look what I have..

Each individual set of task cards is held together with a binder clip that I labeled with a Sharpie marker.

I have so many new task card sets that I am actually in the process of expanding and doubling the number of containers I have for storing them.

I also needed a way to organize all of the recording sheets and answer keys. So I put them in two binders (ELA and Math) and keep them right under the task card shelf. I put the recording sheet and the answer key in clear page protectors.

Now I can pull a set of task cards out at a moments notice or find the recording sheet I need to copy! And they look super cute sitting on the shelf!

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