Totally Task Card Tuesday- Reading Fluency

We are nearing the end of my Totally Task Card Tuesday blog series! We have two weeks left and you can be certain that I saved the best for last!!!! Next week, I will be sharing my task card organizational system. And the week after that, I will be having a HUGE task card giveaway! You don't want to miss any of it, so be sure to follow my blog!

Today I want to show you how I use task cards to practice reading fluency. About mid year, it dawned on me that I had neglected fluency in my reading instruction. I have all kinds of ideas about how I will increase fluency practice next year (which I will be sharing in a post this summer), but I needed something simple to implement this year. And anytime I need something simple----I think TASK CARDS! I got busy and created sets of monthly fluency task cards. I have two sets done so far.

The sets include fiction and nonfiction passages as well as poetry. They have lots of punctuation and dialogue practice and include very engaging subjects.

My students get to read them with their shoulder partner during the last five minutes of guided reading groups. I have partner A read it to Partner B and then they switch roles.

My students get very excited when I take the cards out of my guided reading bucket! And I have already noticed an improvement in their expression as they read. No more robots!

This week, I recorded them reading on the iPad. They learned a lot from hearing the recording!

I love that once they are printed and laminated, I will be able to use them year after year! Additionally, they are quick passages that can be read in under a minute. We just don't always have time for the long ones while learning a skill, working in our interactive journals and practicing sight words. Also, they don't require any weekly prep. I am all about simple during this crazy time of the year!

I hope you have found a new and engaging way to use task cards in your classroom!