Grab My Products for FREE!

Did you do a double-take?! It isn't a mistake! I am giving products away for the next week!

Here is how it works:
For every dollar that you donate to my Donors Choose project, I will give you double that amount to spend on products of your choice from my TpT store!

For example, if you donate $1, I'll let you pick a $2 product from my store. If you donate $4, you can choose $8 worth of products from my store. You get the idea? :-)

The Details:
1. Click HERE to check out my project for book sets of my literature circles. Make your donation and be certain that you use the INSPIRE promotional code!!!!

2. Click HERE and head to my store to choose the products that you would like me to send. Remember that you earn twice the amount you donated.

3. Send me an email with your Donors Choose user name, the amount you donated and items that you would like for free.

That's it! You are getting free products to help get ready for next year and you get the satisfaction of knowing that you helped to put great books in the hands of our students!

This promotion ends on July 2nd.

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