Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: Guided Math Book Study: Chapter Two

Guided Math Book Study: Chapter Two

The heart of this chapter was about the importantance of setting up a classroom that supports and encourages mathematical thinking. Sammons pointed out that many classrooms have a larger focus on literacy: libraries, word walls, reading strategy walls, writing walls, writing centers, book boxes, etc. This sets a tone with students about the importance of literacy. But are we doing the same for math? Sammons gave some suggestions about what a numeracy rich classroom would look like: guided math table, calendar wall, math word wall, math journals, established math workshop routines, problem of the day and more.

I feel as though I have many of the aspects of a classroom of mathematical numeracy already in place. I have a table that I use during guided math that is equipped with the tools my mathematicians need. My class has math workshop activities and procedures that all of my students understand and are able to complete independently so that I can work with small groups. I have all of my math manipulatives labeled and stored in a place where students can easily access them.

If you need some supply and math manipulative labels, you might want to check out these colorful and editable chevron ones! (All my classroom theme kits also come with matching labels!)

I use math journals and spend time coaching my students about how to respond to math prompts. You can click on the pictures to check out my second grade and my third grade math journals. You can also click HERE to read about how I use them in my classroom.

With all that being said, I still have some areas that need to be worked on. One of my biggest projects this summer is to organize and prepare for my math word wall. I wished I had had one this year and just never got it together. I have a math bulletin board...

but, as you can see, it isn't interactive. My students rarely ever looked at it. I must remedy this! I purchased THIS word wall kit and have some cute ideas for displaying it and making it an interactive part of our whole group math time. I will share pictures as soon as it is finished!

Another area that I need to improve in is sharing mathematical literature with my students. I rarely ever do this and I love the idea of integrating reading and math! What math based books do you like to read to your students? I need some ideas!

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