Diggin' Into Next Year: Technology

So I started back to school last week! Our first day with kiddos was on Wednesday. I have 26 students and I am LOVING my new schedule! I only teach from 7:20-11:40. Sweet, right?!

I will be showing you pictures of my entire classroom very soon. I was just too busy last week to even take pictures.

...how I will be integrating more technology into my classroom this year.

Some of the most meaningful assessment data that we collect comes in the form of observation. Everyday, we listen to our students read, watch them problem solve and encourage them to participate in class discussions. These observations give us so much insight into topics a student has mastered and areas for future instruction.

However, the observations are only useful if we remember what who we observed doing what! I know that I can’t keep every student’s needs organized in my head. (And believe me, I tried.) So I started writing observations down on paper. I would grab any scrap or sticky note that was closest to me. After a couple of weeks, I would find sticky notes on nearly every surface of my classroom and several more in my bag and at home. I tried to organize them in a binder, but I never could keep up with that. I also found that I never had the binder or the sticky notes in meetings or while lesson planning.

I needed a system that  allowed me to quickly record observations for each student and then be able to access it whenever and wherever I happened to be doing my lesson planning. And wouldn’t it be great if I could keep pictures, work samples and recordings with my observations?That is when I discovered Evernote.

Evernote is a FREE app and website that allows me to create electronic notebooks for each of my students! I can type text into the notebooks, post pictures of student work and even recordings of a student reading or speaking! And it was SUPER SIMPLE to set up!

I made a free detailed picture tutorial to get you started! Just click on the picture below to download.

I am off to tackle some of my school to-do lists (which I keep in Evernote, of course)! Happy Sunday!