Falling in Love With Close Reading- Chapter 2

In case you missed the first post, I am currently reading this book about close reading.

I am hoping to discover some new ways to help my kiddos read deeply without making reading a chore.

In this chapter, Lehman and Roberts talk about some introductory lessons on close reading. The examples are from a sixth grade classroom, but I still think I will be able to use some of the ideas with my third graders.

The first lesson that they did involved close reading the lyrics to a popular song. WHAT?! Doesn't that sound fun? My third graders are just getting into music. When the song Dynamite comes on, the whole room breaks out in chorus. It's awesome. (I actually turn it on sometimes just to get a laugh. Lol) But I digress..

Lehamn and Roberts would play a popular song for their class. They would ask students what they thought the song was about. After making a list, the students would be provided with written song lyrics. After closely reading the lyrics, students found that the song had a different meaning and they found deeper understanding.

I think this is a good way to illustrate to students that we often miss things the first time around. We need to look deeper or we will overlook or misunderstand out on some of the most important details.

I think the students will enjoy reading popular song lyrics. Can you just hear them the next time the song comes on at home? "Mom, did you know that this song is actually about...."

I am all about starting close reading in a fun way so that kids do not relate close reading with BORING!

What do you think? Is this something that you could do in your classroom?

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