Guided Math- Chapter 8

This week in our Guided Math book study, we are talking about assessment. The word "assessment" would make every teacher at my school groan last year. We were required to record three assessments for every student for every standard. Oh boy, it was so much work! And it felt like all I was ever doing was assessing! Thank goodness, it seems our school is going in a different direction this year!

Sammons talks about the need for assessing often when using a guided math model. A teacher using guided math needs constant feedback from their students in order to effectively plan mini lessons and small-group lessons that meet the individual student needs.

The thing that I really took away from this chapter is the need for students to have rubrics so that they new exactly what was expected for mastery. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea of having students create the rubrics!!! I want to do this with my math journal. I can ask students to come up with the expectations of a response that meets the standards (Includes a drawing, explains each step using complete sentences, has accurate computation, includes relevant math vocabulary, etc). We can write exemplars together. Students will know exactly what I am looking for!!! They can also self assess.

What do you do to make math assessments meaningful?

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