Mastery Checklists Using Evernote!

I am in LOVE with Evernote! My solution to every challenge is always EVERNOTE! I have talked many coworkers into downloading the free app and even wrote a free tutorial for teachers. (Click on the pic to download.)

I use Evernote to organize my resources and to record student documentation, but today, I discovered a new way to user Evernote!

Do you ever wonder which kids mastered a small and specific skill that you taught? Do you want to know this information before you give an informal assessment that generally includes multiple skills? If you said yes, then you need mastery checklists! And you are a busy teacher, so you need checklists that are simple to make and can be accessed on your phone, iPad and computer. You need checklists in Evernote!

Here is a step-by-step guide:

OMG! At a glance, I can tell exactly who needs extra help!

If there is an Evernote Addicts Support Group out there, I need to join! Maybe run for president!

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