Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: Shark Week- Science and Literacy Activities and a SALE!

Shark Week- Science and Literacy Activities and a SALE!

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am very thematic! Just browse through some of the pictures of my classroom and you will see. You cannot imagine how excited I was when my AMAZING partner teacher pointed out that Discovery Channel's Shark Week comes right smack in the middle of our ocean science unit. (Seriously, I was at Olive Garden when she texted that to me and I am certain I let out a "Woot!")

So on Friday, I started getting my kids pumped! In a scary voice I announced, "Next week is SHARK WEEK!" The kids were begging me to tell them more. But, unless they read my blog, they will have to wait until Monday!

So here are a few things on my Shark itinerary...

  • First, I will be putting the "Class. Yes." attention getter on the back burner for the week. Just a week because it really is the bomb! Instead, we will  be doing: "Shark Bait!" "Hoo Ha ha!" It's just a fun quote from Finding Nemo.
  • I HAVE to read a book by my very favorite informational text author, Gail Gibbons.

  • After we read the book together, my students will get to make their own book with all kinds of facts about different types of sharks. This book (and TONS of other ocean animal crafts and informational text) can be found in my Under the Sea Ocean Animal Science and Literacy Unit.

  • After reading about all the different types of sharks, my kiddos will be moving out into the  hallway to do some measurement activities. When they read how big each shark is, they don't really know what that would look like. So we will use yarn and measuring tape to see how many kids it would take (laying down) to be as long as several of the different sharks! And then, since we learned about whales last week, we will compare some whales to sharks. I know the kids will have a blast with this!!!
  • Each kiddo will be making their own diagram of the parts of a shark using my anchor charts and printable from the Under the Sea Unit.
  • Our next activity is a a tried and true favorite for my third graders. We will me making shark teeth using salt dough. It is a quick and simple activity that the kids never forget. After reading about the shark teeth in the Gail Gibbons book, my kids understand that shark teeth can be many different shapes and sizes. I give them a piece of dough and let them make the tooth any way they want. We organize them on wax paper on a cookie sheet by student number. (I am throwing in a little array practice here!) They dry over the next 3-4 days. It is fun to put them in small plastic bags and hang them on the classroom wall!

  • We just might need to eat some shark teeth to celebrate the conclusion of shark week! Aren't these cute? They are Bugles dipped in white chocolate. I found them on Pinterest. I think we will enjoy the treat while reading the fun book Never Take a Shark to the Dentist. :-)

Now are you ready to celebrate shark week with me?! I am excited to be linking up with Stephanie from Mrs. D's Corner for a 50% off sale on all of my beach and ocean themed  products!

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