Goodbye Fall Break. Hello 2nd Quarter.

Today was my students' first day back after a two and a half week fall break! After such a long break, I knew that my kiddos would need to review rules and procedures before starting into our normal routine. I did not want to just stand in front of my class and rehash the first two weeks of school. I wanted something more engaging. So, I came up with six topics that I wanted my students to review. I wrote them on the board and assigned a team to each topic.

I gave each of the teams ten minutes to work together. They brainstormed the things students needed to know and a way to teach it to them.

Finally, each group taught the class their topic. They were so cute and they sounded JUST like me! And the best part? I just sat and watched. They did all the work! And they liked doing it!

I wanted to hear all about the kids' fall break adventures (and I was excited to tell them about my cruise and swimming with dolphins!), so I made this simple and cute creativity for them. They loved making and sharing these books.

Don't make fun of my terrible drawing!

Grab this fun creativity for FREE from my store!

Now I need to get some R&R! Going back after a super fun break is very exhausting! 

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