Red Ribbon Week Door

Next week is Red Ribbon Week! This year, my school is doing a competition between classes and grade levels to see who can come up with the most creative Red Ribbon Week door decor. I wanted a theme that would coordinate nicely with my sports themed classroom. Last year I did a basketball door with the saying "We won't lets drugs ruin our HOOPS and dreams." (I would show you a picture, but I dropped my phone in the toilet last October and lost all of my pictures from the month.) I wanted something different this year. I don't have any cheerleader decor in my room this year, so I decided to go that route.

I was going to have all of the kiddos sign on the football field. But after putting it up there, I am not certain there is room for 52 kids to sign their names!

Good luck to all my teacher friends this week. The week of Halloween can be SCARY at school! ;-)

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