A Day of Reading...

Today was the second to last day of school before winter break (HAPPY DANCE!). I have a BIG party planned for tomorrow, so I wanted a nice and relaxing (but meaningful) day today. It was the perfect day for a Reading Day!

I told my kiddos that they could bring a book and a pillow from home if they wanted.

Here is our focus board for the day!

The first thing we did was 30 minutes of read to self. My kids are used to this because it is one of their reading centers. They have built up the endurance for 30 minutes. Adjust this time based on your students current abilities.

After we read for a while, we did a fun reading response. The kids got to choose two characters from their book and write what they might say to each other if they were talking on the phone. This was great practice for writing dialogue (one of our language standards this quarter!)!

Next, I read them one of my favorite Christmas books- Mooseltoe. That book is so adorable and great for figurative language. After we read the book, we made this fun craft with some construction paper, google eyes, gold glitter glue and sequins.

After our craft, we took a snack and restroom break and went back to read to self. The kids were excited to get back to their book. I love that they love reading! I read to myself during this time as well. I think it is super important that kids see adults enjoying books too! I got comfy with a couple chairs and started reading a book that I haven't read since I was a kid! FUN!

After this round of read to self, we wrote a letter to the author. I encouraged kids to tell the author their olin of the book so far (using the text for examples) and to as the author questions. The kids enjoyed sharing their letter with their partner.

Next, I met with a couple of my reading groups who were SOOO close to finishing their book club books. My other students read from Time for Kids (which they adore) or worked on their reading i-Ready (online computer program) lessons.

Next, I shared another fun holiday book- Olive, the Other Reindeer- with my class. Cute book!

We ended the day with a BANG!!! We had a book auction. You can read about my end-of-year book auction HERE. This was a mini version of that auction. I had 12 books that I got using my scholastic points or purchased for $1. Not every kid would get a book. I warned the kids. They were great sports. My kids earn tickets each week for turning in their homework packet and having good behavior. They were able to put their tickets in the bucket of the book or books that hoped to win.

My kids did a drum roll on their desk as I drew the winner of each of the books. They all cheered for each winner. It was super FUN! After the auction, I made a point of writing a short inscription in each of the books.

I did this before winter break, but this could be done anytime during the year. I strongly believe we worked on some important reading, writing and language standards. I also had them reading for an extended period of time which is great preparation for standardized testing. But most importantly, I am teaching my kids tat READING IS FUN! If that is all they learn this year- I will still be pleased!

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