Organizing Your Weekly Tasks with a FREEBIE

I am excited to link up with The Elementary Entourage to bring you an organization tip. I have a billion (literally) binders, a lesson planner, a life planner, a desk calendar and lots of post-it notes. It might look crazy to someone else, but it is working for me!

One thing that was especially difficult for me to keep organized was all of the resources that my kids need each week. Anyone ever gone to hand out homework or spelling words only to find that you never photocopied them? Or, I would stay late making copies only to find that I had already made the exact same copies earlier in the week. Grrrr!

To avoid this craziness, I made weekly checklists. I have a new one for each week and it has the items that my students always need: bell work, spelling words, math facts, homework, etc. I also left a couple blank lines for special things like science or holidays.

I clip the checklist to my lesson plan book and as I prepare materials for the following week, I check them off on my list.

This is a quick and easy way to see what I have done and what needs to be completed before I leave school on Friday.

I made several different lists. You could use them to check off the weekly tasks you have to do such as lesson planning, grading, photocopying, etc. If you are a teacher blogger, you can use them to keep track of weekly pins and Facebook posts. Or just use them to make a weekly to do list for yourself.

The best part? You can grab them for FREE. Just click on the picture below.

Happy organizing!

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