Trade and Grade with a FREEBIE!

I am so excited to be a part of The Primary Gal's Trade and Grade blog hop! I was lucky enough to be partnered up with the talented Debbi Watson from 3rd Grade Pad. She sent me her Winter Fraction Task Card Bundle!

You know that I LOVE me some task cards! I had been eyeing these cards because the graphics are adorable and the bundle includes a set of task cards for each of the three fraction standards in the third grade Common Core standards.

I usually use my math task cards as an independent center during my math workshop. Since students will be doing the cards on their own, I am careful to only put out sets that include skills we have already covered whole group and in guided math groups.

The dilemma? I haven't covered fractions yet this year. We will start our fraction unit in about two more week. I was racking my brain about how I could incorporate these fabulous cards into my instruction before the blog hop. And then, in the middle of the night (because that is when I think of all my great ideas!), I came up with a plan. I would use the Freezing Fractions set as a pretest! It is the perfect plan because we have such limited time for our fraction unit before standardized testing. A pretest can help me to plan my instruction so that I am making the most of all my math instruction minutes!

I had already decided to go with this plan, when I took a look at the recording sheets inside the task card set. Brilliant!!! It is like Debbi read my mind! She has two different versions of the recording sheet. One has the shapes already partitioned and the other does not!

This is perfect for differentiation. But in my case, I decided to use the recording sheet with the partitioned shapes for my pretest.

After I teach the standard, I can give the same task cards in math centers, but with the more challenging recording sheet. Pre and post assessment with just one set of task cards! Score!

Debbi included color and blackline versions of her cards. I love to use the color ones for centers and scoots. But I am happy to have the blackline ones as I like to use those in math journals from time to time.

I chose to have my kiddos do a quick scoot with this set of task cards. I put the cards on their desks. Students answered the card closest to them and then got up and scooted around the desks until they had answered all of the questions. My students love getting to get up and moving! Plus, they got to use their favorite color crayon. This is still exciting in the third grade!

When I graded their work (using the answer key that Debbi included), I was super excited to see that my students have a good foundation in fractions! The results showed me that I don't need to spend as much time on NF.1 as I have in the past. These kiddos are ready for more complexity!

I am looking forward to using the rest of the sets in this bundle (fractions on a number line and comparing fractions), when we get to our fraction unit next month! I highly recommend this bundle to any third grade teacher! It's a winner! Thanks, Debbi!

Would you like to try a sample from this fabulous bundle? Debbi was generous enough to share a FREE sample! Click on the picture below to download a sample of her Fractions on a Number Line task cards.

After you fall in love with the sample, you are going to want to check out the entire bundle! Just click HERE.

Be sure to head over to Debbi's blog to see how she used my Black History Close Read Passages and Interactive Notebook and grab a free sample!

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