Classroom Easter Egg Hunt

I just finished preparing for my annual classroom Easter egg hunt! It took me about 10 minutes to prepare this activity!

It was ten minutes of prep that results in some of the most engaging test prep in my classroom! Inside each of the eggs, I have placed mini task cards with all kinds of third grade math and ELA questions.

I hide the eggs all over our classroom. The kids find an egg, bring it back to their desk, record their answer and then return the egg.

Do you want a good laugh during the hunt? I make my kids hop to retrieve eggs. Like a bunny! It is hilarious! Third graders are pretty darn competitive. I give them a time limit. When our time is up, we check the answers together. The person who correctly completed the most questions receives an award. My daughter won last year!

I love that all of my kids are super engaged, moving and reviewing third grade math and ELA skills.

You can find all of my questions, an answer key and award in my TpT store. Just click on the picture below.

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