My Daily Schedule

I adore Angie from Lucky Little Learners and Ashley from Schroeder Shenanigans. They are both so very sweet and everything they create is adorable! They have started a fun link up for the 2nd of every month and I love the topic this month! I am always so curious about how everyone fits it all in. So I can't wait to check out everyone's daily schedule!

Now I am going to make a confession. Please don't hate me. Here it goes...I only teach from 7:20-11:40. And it is a full-time contact. Yup. I am serious. My school offers three different schedules that parents can choose from:
AM- 7:20-12:30
PM- 11:00-4:10
Traditional- 8:00-3:00
I love the choice. My own children have all been in AM since Kinder. It allows us to complete homework before dance class and scouts. It gives us more family time. So, of course, I was very excited to teach the AM schedule this year. However, this means that I have even less time to teach just as many standards.

Here is a peak at my schedule (on a good day):

Bell Work: Students write their daily I Can statements into their agenda. Then they will complete some spiral review math problems and share their strategies with their shoulder partner. This gives me time to take attendance and read any notes.

Math Whole Group: We use Engage NY math curriculum. I model a few of the problems from the lesson and students use white boards and partners to complete a few.

Math Rotations: I have four math groups. I meet with two each day. I like to meet with only two groups because it gives me 30 minutes with them and I feel that we get more accomplished this way. There is less time wasted on transitions. The three groups that are not working with me with complete centers. My centers are: Independent Work, Technology and Games.

Snack: We do not eat lunch at school. However, students are still at school for 5 hours. Most will bring sandwiches or other filling foods for their snack. We do not have recess (except before school), so I allow students to chat during this time.

Read Aloud: I LOVE to read to my students. It allows me to introduce them to authors and series that they may never have read before. I will use my read aloud to teach the weekly reading standard. If that is not possible, I will wait and teach it during small group.

Reading Rotations: Just like math, I have four groups and I meet with two groups each day. The other three groups complete the following centers: Read to Self, Technology and Language.

Spelling/Language: I wish we had more time for language. It is hard to fit in our Words Their Way lessons and still teach grammar. My partner teacher (who teaches the PM class) comes in and teaches spelling to my highest group once per week. I do the same for her.

Writer's Workshop: I give a 10-15 minute mini lesson and students spend the rest of the time writing, revising and sharing.

Specials: I drop my kids off at specials at 11:45 and I am done teaching! I enjoy some lunch, do a carpool duty and then have over an hour to prep. I head home at 2:00. I know- I am super lucky.

I would love to hear how you fit it all in!

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