Increase Parent Communication with Friday Journals

Two years ago, I made a professional goal to increase parent communication. My school requires a weekly class newsletter. Yes, I said weekly. I keep mine short and sweet, but I estimate that only half of my parents ever read them. My students complete an agenda every day with their "I can" statements for the day. Again, parents do NOT read. And then the idea for Friday journals came to mind. They won't read what I write, but they love to read what their child writes! (Especially when their child is begging and pleading!)

I LOVE, LOVE my Friday journals!

All of my students have a notebook. I use composition books, but spiral notebooks are fine.  During the last 10 minutes every Friday, my students write a letter to their parents. They write about the activities that we did during the week, new facts or skills that they have learned, their goals and their proud moments. I spent some time at the beginning of the year teaching the friendly letter format. Since I encourage students to use their best writing, grammar, spelling and handwriting skills- this is a great writing practice.

Friday journals are so much more than a writing assignment. Since kiddos are writing about what they learned during the week, it is a form of an exit ticket or a closing to the lesson. Kids have the opportunity to reflect on their learning and teach their parents. This is powerful!

Students are also helping me to keep the parents informed about our classroom happenings! Parents are so much more likely to read a letter from their child than they are to read my newsletter! And now the kids are doing the work, instead of me.

Students love the Friday journals too. I let parents know that they can write a letter back to their student in the journal! As my students unpack their backpack on Monday, they find their journal and excitedly read the note from their parent. I love that parents are encouraging their student and complimenting them on their growth. They have fantastic conversations in those journals that warm my heart and bring smiles to the kiddos' faces! Sometimes a kiddo doesn't have a letter in their journal, but they don't mind too much. They will just remind their parents next week. And if a kiddo really never gets a note from their parent- I grab their notebook out of their desk every few minutes. I leave them a surprise letter!

It costs about 50 cents (or less) for a notebook and 10 minutes of class time per week! So doable!

How about a FREEBIE?! You can download my Friday journal cover and a letter to parents (that I glue on the inside cover) by clicking on the picture below.