Monday Made It: Math Board and Folders

I go back to school in four weeks. YIKES! So I went in to school this week for an hour to put up a new math problem solving display.  I am keeping my sports theme, but updating some of my displays based on changes in curriculum.

Last summer, I put together the math vocabulary display. I love that my kids could reach the words and use them when they needed to. So that is staying. You can read about it HERE.

I am focusing more this year on teaching good math problem solving that does not include the use of key words.  I think this display will help my students to remember the importance of starting with a math model!

My display was completely inspired by one in Amy Groesbeck's classroom. 
Since I had math problem solving on my mind, I got our Prove It With Color cards printed, laminated and on jump rings.

Third graders love anything that involves using a crayon! But I know that underlining and circling the steps in the math process will help students to remember my expectations in math journals. When students are working on math journal prompts during centers, they will grab a ring of these cards to remind themselves of the steps!

My math board is ready and so are all of my math folders! I fill my math folders with lots of resources that help students to be successful when working independently during centers. You can grab all of my math folder printables HERE.