Monday Made It- Book Label Sticks

I have a super simple project for you this week!I have a shelf in my classroom where I keep books that I read aloud to my class or use during specific science, social students, or reading units. These books are purposely kept out of the reach of students because they are part of a lesson that I teach during the year. I originally kept these books in Ikea book boxes. The problem was that some boxes were over flowing while other were half full. My shelf wasn't big enough to hold all of the boxes. I knew I deed to save space by taking them out of the boxes, but I still wanted to be able to easily find the science unit or holiday books that I was looking for.

I made these book label sticks to keep my teacher books organized.

I got some FREE paint stir stick from Home Depot. I spray painted them black. The green binder clips were purchased at Staples. I used a label maker to make labels for the different categories of books and attached the labels to the sides of the clips. DONE!

I love that the clip hanging below the shelf keeps the stick from getting lost between the books.

I used my children's book shelf to take these photos because I was avoiding a trip to my classroom during the summer! So the books aren't really the ones I am organizing!