Camp Share-a-Story (and a FREE brag Tag!)

I am always looking for ways to get my students engaged and excited. As the quarter was coming to an end, I wanted a fun way to celebrate my students' writing. That was the beginning of Camp Share-a-Story. I have done camping as an end of the year activity. But why not during the year?!

My son made and painted this sign for me. Pretty awesome, right?!

My husband made several of these little "fires." They are just battery operated lights and foil. The kids loved them.

I also created the camp atmosphere with a you tube camp fire video. You could hear the crackling an the bugs in the background. I displayed the image on my smart board. Amazing!

I completed the feel with sleeping bags and lanterns on the floor.

Throughout the day students shared their favorite story that they wrote during the quarter. I offered a brag tag for any student who shared. Every student shared!

You can grab this brag tag for FREE by clicking on the picture below.

Besides sharing our stories, we also spent lots of time reading together. It was very relaxing! Every 15 minutes, I would ask the students to share something from their story with a nearby friend.

No campout is complete without s'more. I made a little snack bah with Golden Grahams, marshmallows and chocolate chips. 

After snack, I surprised the kids with some stories that their parents had written about them. (I had secretly emailed parents.) The kids loved being the center of the story and hearing their parent's great writing style.

I was also able to surprise my students with 25 new books that I ordered with our Scholastic points! They were thrilled!

It was a magical day that my students will not soon forget!