Take a Look at my Lesson Plans!

The week of Halloween can be very stressful in the classroom but it can also be a great week to get kids engaged in their learning. I thought I would share a peek into my lesson plans for this week. I don't do this every week because many of the activities stay the same (such as centers) because I am all about constant procedures. I often get questions about how I use my products (and those that I purchase) in the classroom. I hope this peek at my week will give you an idea or two!

We use the Eureka curriculum and will be completing Module 3, Lessons 5, 7, 8 & 9 this week. These lessons focus on strategies  students can use to solve some of the tougher facts. We will continue to explore the commutative and distributive properties. 

Guided Math Groups & Centers:
In my guided math groups, we will be doing some activities from my Multiplication Interactive Notebook. I am especially looking forward to the distributive property activity. During their independent center, students will be working on my Addition & Subtraction Centers. I like to make my independent center activity a spiral review of skills we have already covered. This helps students to be successful and to review skills throughout the year. Students will also go to centers to work on their online i-Ready lessons, xtramath for math facts and Zearn for extra practice on our Eureka lesson. (I will be blogging more about my technology centers next week.)

Reading Whole Group:
We are starting on informational text unit this week. My primary goal is to teach students the procedures I want them to use while close reading. I will spend some time modeling how to find the main idea. I decided to use this free passage about bats. In vocabulary, we will be starting my 2nd unit of Vocabulary Builders. The 2nd unit is not available yet. I want to test it with my class first. You can read more about how I teach vocabulary HERE

Guided Reading Groups & Centers:
In our reading groups, we will be starting our informational text book clubs. I got several Magic Tree House Fact Tracker books for our brand new Kindles. We will be using the K-W-L and main idea graphic organizers from my Informational Text Book Club unit. In their centers students will be completing i-Ready lessons, reading to themselves and completing reading responses from my Reading Response Menus unit.

We are continuing on informational writing unit this week by working on organizing facts into paragraphs. I love using sticky notes to teach student how to categorize their facts. We will be using my FREE Pumpkin Life Cycle Sticky Note Report unit. In language, we will be starting the 2nd unit of Mentor Sentences

I am going to be introducing the scientific process this week. We will conducting my Pumpkin Seed Science Experiment. Students work to determine if the size of a pumpkin relates to the number of seeds in the pumpkin. It is lots of fun! 

We won't be getting any social studies in this week due to a school-wide  literature parade and a Halloween party. I still think that it will be a very productive week!