Books Teachers Love for January

I am excited to be blogging again with some talented teachers! We are blogging about our favorite books to use in the classroom in January. NOW is the time to get some of these books and activities prepped for after winter break. You will kiss yourself for being so organized!

I am a social studies teacher and heart and so I spend lots of time in January teaching about Martin Luther King Jr. I love to use Martin's Big Words to teach about who MLK Jr. is- but I also LOVE to read I Have a Dream (Book & CD) . It is the actual words from his famous speech.

I think it is important for my students to hear his beautiful words. The thing I love most about this book is the beautiful illustrations. They are breathtaking and they help my students to make meaning of the words.

The book also comes with a CD that is fun to put in a listen to reading center. It is a recording of the speech.

I don't know about you- but I just don't have nearly enough time to teach social studies. So I have to be creative. I work very hard to integrate it with my reading standards. This book is perfect for some vocabulary work! I love to preteach 5-10 words. When the kids hear them in the book- they get so excited!

It also a nice book to use when working on using illustrations. And to add a little writing- have students conclude the lesson by writing about their dreams for their own future. One book- multiple standards!

My favorite thing to do after studying MLK Jr. is to add pieces to our social studies notebook!

Students record the facts that they have learned about his life and about his famous speech under the flaps. 

This activity is the first in a series. We will continue to learn about civil  right leaders all through February for Black History Month. All of the passages and foldables can be found in my Black History Interactive Notebook.

Some of my blog buddies will be giving away 4 fabulous books for January! Head to my Instagram tonight at 8 PM EST for your chance to win.

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