Clothes for the Teacher

I absolutely LOVE clothes, but I am a terrible shopper! I want new clothes, but I am not too great at picking out clothes that look good on me and are comfortable. Back to school shopping is always a challenge for me. For this reason, I am super excited to have a stylist who sends pieces right to my house for me to try on! 

I use a service called Stitch Fix. I filled out a survey about the clothes I like, put in my measurements and now my stylist- Brooke- sends about five pieces to me each month. I try the pieces on and keep the ones that I like the most. Any that I don't like, I put in the prepaid envelope that Brooke sends and throw it in the mail. It is super simple! I love getting new and trendy clothes every month without ever having to go to the mall. And it is so simple to just keep what I want and return the rest. 

Since I am not much of a fashionista, Brooke sends me style cards that show different ways to wear the pieces that she send me.

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I am often asked about the prices of the pieces. If you are a thrifty clothing shopper, then this might not be the service for you. However, I have found some ways to get the clothes at a very reasonable price. First, you get to tell your stylist your budget for different pieces. So if you don't like spending much on shirts, but are more willing to pay for good jeans- you can tell her that. Also, after you sign up, you will be given a referral code. You can post a picture of your fix and the referral code on your Facebook or IG. If your friends and family schedule a fix, Stitch Fix will give you $25 to put towards your next fix. And there are no limits! I have gotten free clothes! And these clothes are a super high quality that I know I couldn't find at a discount store.

I did a Facebook Live video today where I showed my latest Stitch Fix delivery. 

I ended up keeping the navy blue striped maxi dress and I am SO happy that I did! It is very comfortable and the stripes actually make me look quite thin! Every single time that I wear it, I get a handful of compliments! One time I was in Target and a guy stopped to tell me he liked the dress. Too funny! 

Here are a few pictures of some of the pieces that I have kept from my last several fixes.

I am not a blue person. But when I saw this piece in the box, I was drawn to the cobalt. As soon as I put the shirt on, I knew I had to have it! It fit perfectly and it super comfortable! It is perfect for school or for a date night!

Every wardrobe needs some good neutral pieces. I wore it with my jeans, but I am also looking forward to wearing it with some of my colored jeggings.  I really like the grommets on this black blouse. It is very unique! And the back is super cute!

I think I would need a cardigan for school, but then I can take the cardigan off and be ready for happy hour or a dinner date with the hubby! 

I have never owned a kimono! It is so fun! I love the way it flows while I walk. It makes me feel feminine and fancy, even though I am super comfy! The colors are perfect for fall!

I love that I can tell my stylist what types of pieces I am looking for, what events I have coming up, and my price range. I even gave her a link to my fashion Pinterest board and she uses the pins to help guide her choices for me. I live in Phoenix where it is still very warm and I just let my stylist know that I needed light pieces. She sends me a mix of things I would have picked myself and things that I never would have considered, but end up loving. My wardrobe is more unique and fun now! 

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