4 Things to Do with Your Class After Winter Break

I'm not trying to be a Debby Downer by talking about going back to school when you are dreaming about winter break. I personally like to have my plans ready for the first week back before leaving for break. This gives me more time to enjoy my break rather than stressing about my plans.

Here are four super simple but very important things that you should include in your plans after winter break! I've included several of freebies!

1. Plan Down Time to Talk and Share

When a family is apart from one another for a couple of weeks, they have lots to talk about the next time they are together! 

Your students have missed their classroom family. They want to tell you what they got for Christmas or that funny thing that happened to their Uncle Frank. Just plan some time first thing in the morning to share stories. Your kids will love having the chance to share and it MIGHT help to get the chatting out now rather than later.

I like to put my class in a circle and go around the circle sharing 1-3 things from their winter break. Be sure to ask questions and laugh appropriately. Your interest will help to build those relationships!

2. Review Classroom Procedures

Don't assume that students will jump right back into the routines and procedures. Some can. However, your routines will be much smoother and effective if you take the time to review.

Fun ways to review:
1. Have student groups present on different classroom routines.
2. Games
3. Find Someone Who

You can read more about these activities and grab the freebies by clicking HERE.

3. Organize

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to get organized.

Have your students help you to replace broken crayons, dried up markers and nasty glue sticks. Students can dust shelves and make sure that the classroom library is organized. 

Help students to go through their desks, cubbies and binders to get rid of anything that is no longer necessary.

I think that teaching students to be organized is one of those crazy important skills that will never be covered in curriculum.

4. Celebrate the New Year

Coming back from winter break doesn't have to be all work and no play!

I love to end our first day back with a New Years celebration. We make THIS free paper bag book with our goals for the year. 

We also watch a recording of the ball dropping in Times Square and enjoy an apple juice toast. If you are feeling extra crazy- let them blow some horns. 

BAM! Your first day is planned! Students go home feeling very excited and happy to be back with their classroom family! Tomorrow we tackle the curriculum...

Have a Not So Wimpy Day and a magical winter break!