Tips for Organizing Task Cards

Hello, I am Jamie and I am addicted to task cards. 

I have dozens of sets. I could not imagine teaching grammar or math without task cards. I even used them during writing workshop!

I am a task card addict, but I am also a self-diagnosed OCD neat freak. I can't have stacks of task cards on every table or counter in my classroom. That would send me over the edge!

Task cards must be organized so that it is easy to find the sets you need!

Let me share some of my favorite ways to store and organize those amazing task cards.

The Cover

Do not assume that you will always remember what skill the task card set assesses. Some sets look very similar and you don't want to waste your time sifting through the set to determine if they are the task cards you need.

Print a cover card for EVERY set of task cards that you print.

Don't worry, this is crazy easy!

All you have to do is use the cover that comes with the task cards. This cover is typically an 8 1/2x11 page. That's just too big. No worries!

Print the resource cover at 50%!

When you go to print the resource, just change the percentage when printing the first page. Then it will print the same size as the majority of task cards (the ones that come four to a page).

Task Card Storage

There are many ways to store task cards. The best way really depends on your needs. How often do you use the task cards? How many sets of cards do you have? Do you have shelf space or wall space in your classroom?

Here are a couple ideas. Choose what works best for you!

Photo Boxes

This is seriously my favorite way to store my cards! These photo boxes can be purchased at Michael's.

The little boxes fit one set of task cards perfectly.

I use a little scotch tape or glue dots to attach the cover to the front.

I have a box for math cards and another for ELA cards. This makes it much easier to find what I am looking for.

CD Boxes

I bought these Sterilite CD boxes from Walmart. I think that you can find them in other similar stores too. 

The boxes fit several sets of task cards. 

You can use rubber bands or binder clips to keep each set of task cards together.

Shoe Hanger

I love using a shoe hanger for task cards because it makes me smile to see all of those beautiful cards  hanging on my wall. It's so yummy. 😍

It's also super easy to see what card sets you have because there is just one set in each pocket.

You can hang these off the back of a door if you have one. You can also use a heavy duty stapler to attach it to a wall.

Push Pins and Binder Rings

If you don't have a ton of task card sets, you might just use push pins to organize them.

You will need to punch a hole in the corner of each task card and then use a binder ring to keep a set together. If you use task cards in a center, this is a great way to keep all of the cards together!

Recording Sheets & Answer Keys

I keep all of my recording sheets and answer keys in a binder that I keep right next to my task cards. Sometimes I don't need recording sheets, such as when we use the cards with games, but it is nice to have them close by for times when I use them for scoots or centers.

I stick the recording sheet and the answer key in a page protector.

I also keep a generic recording sheet in this binder. If I can't find the specific one that came with the task cards I am using, I can just grab the generic one. I hate wasting my time searching for stuff!

Click HERE to grab FREE generic task card recording sheets!

I hope that these tips help you to get those task cards organized!

Have a Not So Wimpy day,