7 Ways to Save Money on Teachers Pay Teachers

Tips for saving some money when buying resources for your classroom from TpT

Teachers Pay Teachers made me a better teacher. That might sound cheesy to you, but it is the absolute truth. TpT gave me the ability to meet my students' needs in ways that went above and beyond the outdated curriculum. TpT made me look like a rockstar with super fun activities while saving me time that I could spend with my family.

I love TpT, but I couldn't always afford as many resources as I wanted. Teachers are on seriously limited budgets. (Not that I need to tell you that!)

Over the years, I have come up with seven different ways to save a little on my TpT purchases. I want to share in hopes that this will help you!

1. Leave Feedback to Earn Credit

Teachers Pay Teachers values quality feedback on resources. The feedback helps other teachers to find the resource that will best meet their own classroom needs.

Since feedback is so important, TpT rewards you for leaving feedback! When you leave feedback on the resources that you have purchased and used in your classroom, TpT will give you credits. 

The amount of credits that you earn is based on the price of the resource that you purchased. For example, if you purchase a $3 resource, you will receive 3 credits when you leave feedback.

For every 20 credits that you earn, you can take $1 off of your whole cart.

Teachers Pay Teachers keeps track of the credits and you can choose to use them when you are checking out.

Before you check out, head to your purchases page and make sure you have left quality feedback on previous purchases!

2. Follow your Favorite Stores

Some sellers offer a discount on brand new resources. 

This discount is usually only available for a day or two. If you follow their store, Teachers Pay Teachers will send you an email when they add a new resource. Make sure you open this email right away to see if the new resource is something that you need and nit it is discounted.

Not sure how to follow a store? Head to the store and click on the star that says "Follow Me" directly under their store name.

Want to follow my store? I offer a 50% discount on new resources for the first 24 hours! You can follow by clicking HERE.

3. Follow your Favorite Sellers on Social Media

Most sellers have Facebook pages and/or Instagram accounts. 

Sometimes sellers will use their social media to announce a sale in their store or on a particular resource. Also, they might have special giveaways or contests on their social media. 

I often give away gift cards and large resource bundles on my Facebook page and my Instagram account

4. Join your Favorite Sellers' Newsletter Lists

Some sellers have email newsletter lists. You usually get a freebie just for signing up for their list!

Sellers will send likely send emails when they are having sales, giveaways or have new resources. This is a great chance to grab a deal!

What I love most about these emails is that the seller is sending lots of tips and ideas that help you to know if the resource will meet my needs and how to implement it in the classroom. This can help you to save money buying resources that just aren't what you need!

You can usually find information about signing up for a newsletter list on the seller's blog or social media. You can always send them an email or TpT question to ask if they have an email list.

It's super easy to get on my newsletter list! Just type your first name and PERSONAL email address in the boxes below.

5. Team Up to Take Advantage of Extra License Discounts

Do you plan with your team? Do you all end up purchasing the same resources on TpT?

Did you know that most sellers offer a discount on the purchase of multiple licenses? It's typically a 10% discount! 

If you know that one of your teaching buddies wants the same resource, team up and buy both licenses from one of TpT account. Then you can split the cost and you both save a little!

*Note: It is necessary to buy multiple licenses if you are going to be sharing a resource with a colleague. The terms of use on nearly every TpT resource state that the resource can be used by one classroom. Sharing would be a violation of copyright law. So it's a darn good thing we can get a discount on those extra licenses! 

6. Take Advantage of Bundle Discounts

Many sellers offer money saving bundles in their store. The bundles are a collection of resources from their store that they sell as a package at a discounted price.

I offer many bundle for 20% off of the price of buying each individual item in the bundle.

Buying a bundle costs more up front, but they can be a huge money saver in the long run!

7. Talk to your Admin about Signing Up for TpT for Schools

Teachers Pay Teachers has created a brand new program that is the bees knees! They worked with all types of schools (public, private, charts, parochial, etc) all over the country to create a TpT for Schools portal.

Basically, school can join and get and get an account for free. Teachers are then able to put TpT resources on a wish list. Their administrators can see the wish lists and purchase licenses for the teachers. 

You probably won't get everything that you ask for, but wouldn't it be amazing to get a few new and FREE to you resources?!

If your school is not already signed up for TpT for Schools, you can talk to your admin about getting signed up. 

You can get more information or have your admin get your school signed up by clicking HERE.

Have a Not So Wimpy day!