Ways to Differentiate Grammar for Struggling Learners

Teaching grammar got so much easier when I implemented a daily routine! You can read more about my grammar instruction HERE.

This is my basic routine:
Monday: PowerPoint
Tuesday: Notebook Activity
Wednesday: Writing
Thursday: Task Card Scoot
Friday: Assessment

I use THIS resource for all of my grammar instruction.

Students have grown so much with their grammar skills. However, we all have a few students who just can't keep up and struggle with the activities. I love that my routine makes it easy to differentiate for my struggling learners. 

If you prefer to listen to these ideas, enjoy this podcast.

Here are some ways that you can support your students who need extra help in grammar:

Print the PowerPoint.

Sometimes our struggling learners do best when they have something right in front of them rather than focusing on the board.

You can always print the Monday PowerPoint slides with six slides per page. Students can see everything and even write in answers and examples. 

Decrease the amount of writing.

On Wednesday, students are incorporating the grammar skill into their writing. During the first half of the year, they are asked to write three sentences and during the last half of the year they are asked to write five sentences.

That might not sound like a lot, but it can be intimidating for struggling learners. Instead, you might ask them to just write one sentence at first. As the year progresses, you can increase the expectation to be three sentences.

Decrease the number of task cards.

Most of the grammar sets include 24 task cards for the Thursday activity. That might really discourage some of your struggling learners.

You can differentiate by asking them to do just half of the cards. This will give them more time per card and decrease their stress about finishing all 24.

Allow students to use resources when assessing or doing task cards.

When students are completing task cards on Thursday or their assessment on Friday, you might want to let them use their interactive notebook. The notebook doesn't necessarily contain the answers, but it does remind students of the rules or patterns.

You could also print THESE free posters four to a page to make a resource ring for your struggling learners. Again, they can help students to remember the rules and patterns.

I hope that these ideas will help you to differentiate the activities in your grammar block so that all students can grow and be successful!

Have a Not So Wimpy day!