What Should I Teach During Writing Workshop?

Have you ever felt like you have no idea what to teach during your writing mini lessons? Do you read your students' writing samples and then still have no clue where to start with what lessons they need? 

Mini lessons need to be short and meaningful. That can be very hard to do! It's pretty easy to get off track in a lesson, especially when ten students all have a story to share when you mention your dog as an example in your mini lesson, right?! 

To help you keep your mini lessons focused, meaningful, and beneficial, I've compiled a FREEBIE with a list of skills I believe should be taught during this time. 
This freebie includes a list of mini lessons that you should use when teacher four different types of writing: personal narratives, informational reports, opinion essays and fiction narratives. 
Besides just listing the skills that you should teach, this free guide also gives you suggestions for teaching the mini lesson!

I am so excited to get this free resource to any teacher who teaches writing in grades 2-5!

All you have to do is drop your name and personal email address in the box below. I will get the free guide sent to you right away!

No more guessing! You might have to add or subtract a skill based on your students, but at least you have a good road map!


Have a Not So Wimpy day!