Third Grade Reading Pre and Post Assessments {FREEBIE}

Back to school means a new group of scholars to meet, assess, teach and love on! It's so exciting!

But it's tough too. 

You are busy making relationships and teaching routines, but you also have to get to know your students' academic needs. What reading level are they currently reading at? How much do they comprehend the text that they read? How much do they remember from second grade? What reading group would be a good starting point?

The best way to make these decisions is with a pre assessment. 

Many school provide assessments for teachers, but few provide something that checks for comprehension and reading skills. Plus, most of the school provided assessments are so long!

So, I created this free assessment for third grade teachers.

The pre assessment includes a fiction passage with ten multiple choice questions and a nonfiction passage with ten multiple choice questions

Students are asked about vocabulary, character traits, point of view, main idea and more.

Clearly, most of your students will not be proficient with these skills at the start of the year. However, one of the best things about being a teacher is getting to watch your babies grow during the year.

Do you want to see exactly how much they grow?

Of course! And that is why I have also included a post assessment! It is formatted the same way and tests students on the same skills. The only difference is that your kiddos are going to score so much higher this time around.

This free file even includes a chart where you can enter your students scores and track their growth.

Grab this FREE RESOURCE by dropping your name and email in the boxes below. I will send the file immediately. If you don't see it right away, check your junk mail.

Enjoy this freebie!

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