My Classroom

I love decorating my classroom each year! I am excited to share my new sports themed classroom with you!

Most of the printables that you will see in my classroom come from my Sports Theme Classroom kit.

My theme starts in the hallway.

This fun basketball court includes basketballs for each of my students and my PM partner's students. My husband came up with the brilliant idea to use a white out runner to make the lines on the court. It makes them bolder than if we had used paint.

Lots of people ask me about the letters that I use on all of my bulletin boards. I actually printed out varsity style letters that I had from an old dig scrapbook kit. And of this particular board, I glued them to a printout of a basketball.

This is a view of my room right when you walk in...

I think it looks clean and coordinated.

Directly to the left are our student cubbies.

Since another class comes uses the room in the afternoon, students can't keep folders and supplies in their desks. Instead, they keep their supplies in these cubbies. At the end of the day they take their cubby of their desk and put their PM partner's cubby in the desk.

As you walk farther in to the room, you come to our small group table. We meet with reading, math and writing groups at this back table. Behind the table is where we keep the supplies we need for these small groups including tubs with book club books, math manipulatives, white boards and writing supplies. They are stored on this awesome shelf from Ikea.

I also LOVE the alphabet! It is from Schoolgirl Style.

The stools under the table are also from Ikea. I LOVE them! They are small and easy to stack and store under the table. They take less room than traditional chairs.

Just past the small group area, is our reading bulletin board.

I am pretty much in love with the big book posters!!! I just made them in PowerPoint and then took them to Staples and had them print as a large poster. The print only cost $3.50! Now we can keep track of the chapter book read alouds that we complete as a class. 

The soccer goal was made with a pool noodle and some netting. The background paper is a fadeless paper that I found at a small local teaching store, but it can also be purchased on Amazon by clicking HERE.

The board also displays our close reading steps for marking up text and some reading skills. Students use the board as a reference. The posters can be found HERE.

Under the board, we keep our book boxes. The boxes are super cheap at Ikea. A five pack is only $2.50! They keep my classroom books from getting damaged in student desks and backpacks. 

On the next wall, we have our writing board and the classroom library.

The writing process posters are a great reminder for my students. They would also work well as a clip chart to keep track of what stage in the process each student is in. They can be found HERE. The parts of speech posters are not sports themed by I love them anyway. They were made by my buddy Learning in Wonderland.

I adore my bookshelf from Ikea. Lots of space! Perfect since I have bit of a book addiction.

Isn't that bat adorable?! Click HERE to read all about that project!

We spent quite a bit of time this summer leveling our books (inside the covers) and organizing them by interest to make it easy for students to select books they will enjoy. I made some simple labels for the boxes.

Right next to the classroom library, I keep my language centers and then tubs filled with language  games and activities that I will pull out when we are working on a particular unit.

The centers that my students do everyday are stored in pencil pouches in a basket on top of the shelf. This is a huge space saver!

The next thing on the wall is my computer table/volunteer table. On the wall, we put science and social studies related projects that the kids complete. Right now, we are studying the ocean and ocean animals, so we have some fun seahorses.

The volunteer area has cups hanging on the wall that house pens, pencils, markers and other supplies that they might need. Also, we have magnetic pockets on the side of our filing cabinets where we can put lists for them or papers to copied or graded. It is a small space, but our fabulous volunteers are making it work perfectly! Can you believe that I have two volunteers each day!

Right next to the volunteers, we each have our own filing cabinet. I decked mine out using editable labels from my Sports Theme 2 kit and some washi tape.

Right above our filing cabinets is our job display. I bought it at a local teaching store. I used to make different jobs for each of my students. Each week, I would forget to switch them and spend too much time explaining all the jobs. Now, I just have two helpers per day. They do everything I need- take attendance to the office, take out trash, etc.

Each student has a baseball with his or her number on it. I split them into two stacks on hung them with command hooks. Each morning after taking attendance, I just flip the baseballs to figure out who my helpers will be.

I like the simplicity of the system. It allows everyone to be a helper every 2-3 weeks.

When you turn the corner, you will find my backpack area which I named the Locker Room. My husband made it for me and you can read more about that project HERE.

As you turn the corner, you will find our focus wall with rules, vocabulary and I Can statements.

My sports theme kit has editable rules in it, but I really wanted to have a black background on this board. So I made THESE rules. I am working on making all of the I Can statements and when I do, I will add them to my store. 

This brings us to the of font of our classroom. We have a smart board. Under the smart board, we installed some rain gutter to make a book shelf for our science and social studies books. I just put out the books that match the unit we are currently working on.

I also have my fun baseball stool up there. I just took a wood stool from Wal-Mart and spray painted it white on top with red legs. We then used some red paint to make the laces.

Right beside the smart board is our math board. I love that it is front and center and tells students that math is just as important in our room as reading is.

I love being able to display the vocal words associated with our current math unit, but still having all the other words available for students to grab and use when needed! You can read more about my vocal display HERE

Under the board, we keep wire shelves that hold our students' writing binders.

Next to the math board is our drink pockets. It is really just a hanging shoe organizer. I put numbers on each pocket to keep students organized and water bottles off of the desks.

The last side of my room is covered in counter top, cabinets and shelving.

On the bottom shelves, we keep math games and manipulatives that we want kids to have access to. They are all labeled to make it easy for students to find what they need during math workshop time.

I use my Ikea book boxes for math fact games! Each game is stored in a Ziplock bag and placed in the corresponding box. It's easy to t ell students what box they can choose from.

On top of the counter, we have our daily drawers to keep materials we need, our office supply toolbox (you read about that project HERE) and our Chromebook case.

On the shelved above the counter, we have some teacher books, special read aloud books AND my task cards!!! You can read about how I store task cards HERE.

We added some simple curtains to cover these shelves. I think it makes it less distracting to our students.

Above the cabinets, I have huge black tubs that store all of our extra supplies. I go these labels from my Sports Theme Kit  as well.

The last thing in my room is this huge cabinet. We primarily use it for student supplies, art supplies and paper. I use the outside to display my reading and math g groups. I just laminate the group names and use dry erase marker to write student names in.

I keep things pretty organized but I need to get these relabeled this year!

That's our classroom! We absolutely LOVE it and have many compliments from students, parents and coworkers. It is a fun, organized classroom that has a theme that isn't too distracting. I hope you enjoyed the tour!