Red Ribbon Week FREEBIES!

Red Ribbon week is just around the corner! With Halloween on my mind, sometimes I feel like Red Ribbon Week sneaks up on me! 

In my classroom, we will be celebrating in three different ways.

Classroom Door Decorating Contest: Each classroom is asked to decorate the front of their door in celebration of Red Ribbon Week. Judges will go around and choose overall winners and winners for each grade level. It is fun to see the creative ideas that teachers have! This was my door last year.

Spirit Week: Every day students are a asked to show their Red Ribbon Week pride with a different theme. Students always love to dress up! You can grab my flier for free by clicking on the image.

Brag Tags: After making their drug free pledge, my students will be given a Drug Free brag tag. We usually only wear our brag tags on Friday, but I want them to see just how  important Red Ribbon Week is, so I will allow them to wear the tags all week. The tags will be a sign of their commitment to stay drug free. 

You can read more about how I use brag tags in the classroom, but clicking HERE.

You can grab the Red Ribbon Week brag tag for FREE by clicking on the image below.

Looking for more Red Ribbon Week ideas? Check out my Pinterest board! Click on the picture below.