My Favorite Teaching Professional Development Books

Summer is about family, friends, sleeping in, barbecues, beaches and BOOKS! I read during the school year, but I am much more limited on time so I don't read as much as I'd like to. So I make up for it during the summer. I read steamy romance novels, children's literature and professional development books. Yes, I read school books during the summer! It's the perfect time to reflect on your year and your craft and learn some new strategies for the coming year. It energizes me and keeps me excited about going back to school.

During the last few summers, I have read some awesome teacher books and I wanted to share some of my favorites in case you are looking for some new books for your summer reading list. If you click on the book pictures, you will be directed to Amazon where you read more about the book. This post does contain affiliate links.

I think every teacher should read this book! It transformed the way I managed my classroom and helped me to release more control and allow students to step up and lead in the classroom. The author includes lots of ideas that made my  classroom more fun and engaging. For example, he suggested having a silent day when the teacher could not talk all day. I tried it in my classroom a few weeks ago and the students LOVED it. I was incredibly impressed with their ability to run the classroom without me and handle any conflict that naturally came up. I liked that this book is an easy read that you could bring to the pool with you. I was part of a book study using this book. If you want to read those posts, click HERE.

This book is a bit more technical, but a must-read for all teachers. I decided that I really wanted too improve my vocabulary instruction and this book gave me so many ideas. I implemented so much of it into my  classroom this year, along with my Vocabulary Builders units, and my kiddos grew leaps and bounds. The  best part was that my kids loved vocabulary. They groaned when vocal time was finished for the day. Can't beat that! The book is packed with strategies that you can implement right away in any grade level classroom. You can read about how implemented ideas from the book into my daily instruction by clicking HERE.

I LOVE this book and like to reread it often! If you want to have a classroom where kids LOVE to read, you must read this book. The author talks about ways that school kill a child's love for reading and strategies to encourage students to read. The book is an easy read that is full of stories about her students and her classroom. After reading this book, I am dying to start school and get books in my kids' hands!

After reading this book, math became my all-time favorite subject to teach. I used to teach math using a whole group model and this book helped me to organize a mini lesson and centers into my math routine. My students started loving math and grew so much more. The author talks about the need for guided math, organization, teaching procedures, assessment and  so much more. If you teach math, then you need to read this book. I did a book study with this book a couple of years ago. If you want to read those posts click HERE.

If you have not read a book by Ron Clark, then you are truly missing out. His books are a super simple read that will having you laughing and completely inspired. I recommend starting with The Essential 55. It is a book of 55 rules that Clark recommends for helping students to be successful. I was most inspired by the rules about manners and etiquette. Reading about how he teaches his students proper manners was an eye opener. I worked hard with my class this year and was so proud when we repeatedly received comments from staff, subs and parents about manners. It just made our year so much more fun and I think it helped us to grow even closer as a classroom family. After you read this book, you must read all of the rest of Ron Clark's books. They won't let you down and you will have a pep in your step when you head back to school.

So what will I be reading this summer? I am excited to read this brand new book called Authentically Engaged Families. The topic really grabbed me. I am always looking for new and exciting ways to communicate with parents and get them involved in the classroom. I have already read the first chapter and I can see this is going to be a great fit for me!

The following books are books that I have not read yet but they have been highly recommended from teacher friends. They are on my wish list and I hope to read them this summer! Let me know if you have read any of these books!




So grab a drink and a chair by the pool. Kick back and read something that is mindless and then read something that gets you excited to be the most amazing teacher you can be!