Calling All Third Grade Teachers! A Back to School Resource You Need!

Calling all third grade teachers! This is a back to school activity to you need to try!

So this post is only for third grade teachers. Sorry, if you don't teach third grade, you have to scroll down. Top secret stuff coming.....

Ok, so now that it is just us crazy third grade teachers, I have to share this amazing back to school activity with you. I love it! 

So this activity is actually done on the 3rd day of 3rd grade. It is a way to celebrate being 3 days smarter! The theme of the task card set is the number 3. 

There are a few reasons that I LOVE this activity. First, half of the cards ask students questions about themselves.

I am able to walk around the room and see the students' responses. It helps me to learn little details about my new friends and start conversations with them. It is a fun time for the teacher to make connections.

Another reason that I love this activity is because every other task card asks students an academic question that they probably learned in 2nd grade.

I am able to observe as they answer these questions and learn a lot about their academic needs. It's like a pretest. It doesn't go on the report card, but it does give me some good feedback about individual needs before we jump into curriculum. 

Another reason that I love this activity is that it is a great opportunity to  teach my new class how we will conduct scoots or around the room activities during the year. When I put out some math or ELA task cards in the coming weeks, my students will know exactly what I expect of them.

So this one little task card set provides a fun activity where the teacher gets to know students both personally and academically while teaching them how to use task cards. It's a winner! 

Click on the picture to get your set of Third Day of Third Grade task cards.

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