Teaching Books that Inspire

Reading a great teaching book helps to inspire me when teaching has started to burn me out!It is about this time of year that I start to feel a little run down and burnt out. I know that I need a burst of inspiration if I am going to be the educator that my students need (and make it to spring break). I love to read a teaching book when I need some inspiration. These are not necessarily books that tell you how to teach and they are definitely not text books. These books are easy reads that will get you pumped up to head back to your students! I am sharing several of my favorites. If you click on the book, you will be directed to Amazon where you can read even more about the book and the author.

The Essential 55

If you have never read this book by Ron Clark, then you absolutely must put it on your reading list. This book includes 55 rules for helping students to be polite, successful and understand consequences. I started using many of these rules with my students and within a couple of weeks, colleagues and parents noticed the way my students were positively behaving! Ron Clark shares lots of funny and inspirational stories that make this book a quick read. Honestly, all of Ron Clark's books are great! You might want to also grab The End of Molasses Classes! Another fabulous read!

Crash Course

This book is written by Kim Bearden who teaches at Ron Clark's school! She actually cofounded it with him. This book is super touching and chronicles her teaching career. She talks about the challenges of being a first year teacher and how she has learned to make relationships with her students. After reading this book, I couldn't wait to add more creativity to my class lessons!

Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire

In this book Rafe Esquith, a famous fifth grade teacher, shares how his classroom runs. He gives lots of how-to directions for different classroom activities and shares tips that range from behavior management to teaching math. He also talks about the realities of teaching difficult students and high-stakes testing. 

Teach Like a Pirate

In this book, Dave Burgess shares some extraordinary ideas for increasing student engagement in the classroom. He talks about tapping into your passion for teaching so that you are really able to reach your students. The book includes a tons of brainstorming questions that are intended to increase your creativity as an educator. After reading this book, I felt motivated to try some new things that really made teaching more fun!

Learn Like a Pirate

I love this book by Paul Solarz. The book is about how educators can inspire their students to lead. He gives lots of strategies for how you can create a student-led classroom. I was scared at first! I wasn't sure I was brave enough to have a student-led classroom. I implemented so many of his ideas and had the best teaching year of my career! My students were so much more independent and confident! 

Kids Deserve It

This is a fantastic read about how an educator can make their students feel empowered and important.  I like that the book talks so much about how to promote family interaction and improving a child's life at school and at home. This book will certainly inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and take some risks!


This book is written by Angela Watson, who is a blogger that I admire! This book is a fantastic collection of 20 things that you can do to find the joy in teaching again. This is the perfect book for the teacher who is trying to rediscover their love for teaching. I like that it is a plan and that it his still a very easy read that every teacher can relate to.

32 Third Graders and One Class Bunny

This is such a cute books that is full of stories from the classroom written by a teacher of twenty years. You will laugh at all of the funny things he has had happen to him. I bet you will relate! This is just a great book to read that will remind you that you aren't in this alone!

I hope that these books will help to inspire you and bring back that passion that you have for teaching!

Reading a great teaching book helps to inspire me when teaching has started to burn me out!

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