Why I Left the Classroom

This blog post is extremely real and personal. I am putting myself out there, and it is pretty scary!

I am writing to you, my cyber buddies, to share that I have left the classroom. Some would say that I am no longer a teacher. That seems kind of harsh!

I didn't leave the classroom because I disliked teaching. I didn't leave the classroom because I was burnt out or tired of the long hours and little pay. I wan't upset with my school or my administration. I didn't leave the classroom because I was tired of the high expectations and lack of support and resources. I didn't even leave because of the pressure of high stakes testing. 

I love teaching. I love the kids with all of my heart. I had a routine and was leaving school at my contracted time every day. I wasn't taking work home. My school and my administration were awesome and very supportive. Testing is no fun, but I never got my panties in a wad over it. I wasn't a perfect teacher, but I loved learning and growing every year.

So why leave?!!!

It's simple...

I left the classroom so that I can support YOU!

I want to create all of those resources that you have been asking for. I want to save you time. I want to do Facebook Lives to help you. I want to write blog posts to answer the questions you are emailing me about. I want to attend more professional development conferences, so that I can bring you innovative ideas to solve classroom challenges. I want to read books and give you even more strategies for creating an engaging classroom without killing yourself in the process. I want to answer all of your questions quicker. All of this takes time.

Not being with students every day is heartbreaking. I love those kids! But I realized that I can make a bigger difference for these kiddos. I want to support teachers so that I can make a difference in the lives of thousands of students each day. That makes me smile!

I promise that I won't stop learning. I won't stop looking for solutions to the challenges all teachers face. I promise to continue to be a resource that you can trust!

I am still a teacher. I will always be a teacher. Being a teacher is something that's in my heart. I don't need to have a classroom to be a teacher. Teaching is who I am, not where I am.

Thanks for supporting me on this crazy adventure! I am very blessed!

Have a Not So Wimpy day!