4 Ways to Conquer the No Name Papers

No Name papers are a teacher's nemesis. They rank right up there with broken copy machines and glue sticks without lids. 😩

How do we handle No Name papers? How can we get our dear students to write their name on the line that clearly says, "NAME"? 

I asked the teachers in my third grade Facebook group these very questions. They came up with several fantastic ideas for you to try! So pick one or two that sound perfect for your group of kiddos!

1. Reminder Sign

Do you have a place in your classroom where students go to turn in their work? Try putting a reminder sign right on the turn in try. I like to put it right in the way, so kids have to move the sign to turn in the paper. 

You can click HERE to grab my sign for free.

2. Highlighting

Using a highlighter can be a great way to eliminate those No Name papers. Put highlighters in supply caddies or have each kiddo keep a highlighter in their desk. After they write their name, they are required to highlight it.

My favorite part of this strategy is that when students see their classmates getting out the highlighter, it reminds them to write their name on the paper and highlight it.

It's like peer pressure. But the good kind.

3. Name Checkers

Are you sick and tired of being the one that has to ask students to put their name on every paper? Why not make that one of your student jobs?

Assign two students to be the name checkers. A minute after students start working, they get up and walk around the room checking that names are on every paper. 

My job cards are also in that free file with the posters from above!

4. Stand Up

This is a great strategy if you are having a real big No Name problem in your classroom!

Every time you pass out a paper, students should stand after they have written their name on the paper. Once the entire class is standing, you will motion for them to sit down so that they can begin working.

Hopefully, you can do this for a while and then slowly phase it out as they get used to writing their name on papers. 

Or maybe you have to do it all year.... 😜

Hopefully one of these strategies will help solve the No Name paper problem in your classroom!

Have a Not So Wimpy day!