President's Day Activities for the Classroom

Fun activities where students can learn more about our country's presidents!

President’s Day is just around the corner and although the perfect President’s Day is a 3-day weekend, it can still be fun at school, too! 

What can you do to make President’s Day one your students won’t forget?

Talk to a President

In the age of easy communication, take time to contact a president.  President Jimmy Carter only responds to snail mail, but President Trump has Twitter as does George W. and Obama.  Ask questions about their causes, what their favorite memories are, why they wanted to be president.  Have students write letters or tweets to distribute to their favorite presidents or even their kids like Jenna Bush Hager or Chelsea Clinton, but only after your approval! J  

Have students bring in responses if they get them or even contact other state politicians and presidential hopefuls for the full government experience.

Interactive Notebooks

It's so easy to integrate reading and social studies while learning about the presidents. I love getting the scissors, glue and crayons out to make it even more engaging. Interactive notebook passages and activities are perfect! 

President's Day Interactive Notebook

We are practicing important informational text strategies, writing facts and learning about history. But students think they are just doing crafts. Sneaky!

Click HERE to check out this notebook.

Game On!

Are you all about using the iPad for games and learning?   Lizard Point  lets students practice putting presidents in order. Students can practice identifying the pics of the presidents at Primary Games. If you get them right, a piece of trivia pops up about them before moving on to the next president.

Show and Tell

You’re never too old for a good game of Show and Tell.  Take it up a notch by having each student find an interesting piece of information about a president and bring in something that represents it. Have everyone tells about their president.  

Think a stuffed buffalo for Grover Cleveland who got his start in Buffalo and was even nicknamed The Beast of Buffalo or a newspaper for Warren Harding since that was his first job or a wand for Van Buren because he was known as a “magician.”

FREE Show and Tell President's Day Activity

You can even set the artifacts and the written fact on desks and have the class next door take a tour. You made your own presidential museum! 

Click HERE to grab a free letter explaining the assignment to students and families and a fact sheet for students to complete.

Lego Monuments

After learning about Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln, your students will have a blast building their monuments with Legos! I split my students into 4-6 groups and give each group a bucket of Legos (borrowed from my own children). I would display a picture of one monument and give students 20-30 minutes to work together and build a replica with Legos. 

Lego President's Day Activity

You can do another monument the next day! Or even the White House. It's perfect for indoor recess or for the last 20 minutes of class.

Be sure to take pictures!

Fun activities where students can learn more about our country's presidents!

President’s Day won’t be old hat (an Abe Lincoln tall one at that) with these fun ideas!

Have a Not So Wimpy day!