Apps to Organize Your Classroom Library

I am a book worm! Nothing is better than having an abundance of fiction and nonfiction books to share with your students. However, when my shelves are stocked, it's hard to keep track of what books I have, have read, which books are popular, and which ones the students have checked out. Luckily, technology has made organizing books easier. These apps to organize your classroom library are so easy and helpful!


Booksource's classroom organizer is a favorite amongst teachers at all levels. Students can check out books and leave reviews. Books can be organized by reading level and easily scanned to inventory. Check books out to your students with your smartphone or tablet!


iOS users will love BookBuddy for its price (FREE) and ease of use. Books do need to be entered manually but if your students help as they check out a book for the first time, you'll have it done in no time. Keep BookBuddy handy not only for your classroom library but to organize your professional books as well. I always found myself loaning out curriculum-related and professional development books to colleagues. This app is an excellent way to organize your PD library as well.

Classroom Checkout

For the price of a fancy cup of coffee ($5.99 at post time), you can install Classroom Checkout on a shared iOS device and save tons of time and keep track of all of your books. Teacher managed student accounts and logins allow each student to check out their own books. To check out or in books, all the student has to do is scan the barcode. It's so easy!


GoodReads is less about checking out books and more about sharing recommendations and lists from your classroom library. Make sure that your student can use GoodReads according to website usage guidelines in your district since it is web-based and has a social media component. Upload your inventory, review books, and share them with students, parents, and colleagues! Making a summer reading list on GoodReads to share out is one of my favorite end of the year activities.

It's never been easier to find apps to organize your classroom library. Finding books at library book sales, through book orders, warehouse sales, and even thrift stores is a great past time, but I often find myself replacing the same popular titles year after year. Keeping inventory and a digital checkout system has saved time and money. Try it yourself!