Free ELA Pacing Guide for Third Grade

Do you use a yearly pacing guide? 

It is so handy to have a map of how you plan to fit the various standards into your academic year. Things WILL change, but it nice to have some idea of where you'd like to be with your instruction. I think that it makes lesson planning easier.

I get lots of teachers who email me to ask how I fit everything in and what order I teach and use my resources. 

For math, I always followed my curriculum. I taught a lesson each day and I didn't change the order.

But, I didn't really use my ELA curriculum (Shhhhh!!!) and so I had to create an order that made the most sense for me and for my students. 

Click HERE to grab my FREE ELA pacing guide for third grade.

I realize that this won't work for everyone. Some states have very different standards and some schools don't organize their year into quarters. Many of you don't teach third grade. The freebie is not editable. However, you are welcome to use my ideas to create a pacing guide that works best for you. You can create it using an excel spreadsheet or by inserting a table into Word or PowerPoint. It's easy!

There is really no way that I could make a pacing guide that would make everyone happy. That being said, I sure hope that it helps some teachers who are trying to see how the skills will fit into their year.

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Have a Not So Wimpy day!